Your Smart door performance

Our doors all deliver the perfect blend of beauty and performance.

What is a Smart Entrance Door?

Our doors are all made from aluminium which is renowned for its perfect combination of light weight and high strength. Aluminium is the ideal material for doors, with each of our door styles designed with performance, style and efficiency in mind. With a lifespan measured in decades rather than years, together with extremely low maintenance requirements, it’s not surprising that aluminium has become a popular choice for many homes.

Why Aluminium? Our Guarantee

How do you assess performance

What separates the average from the best? What should you look for when choosing a new door? Our doors all boast a range of technology that makes them outperform most modern doors.

  • Thermal Efficiency

    Aluminium is not known as a good conductor of heat. However, all of our doors have been treated with materials such as polyamide thermal barrier, which provide enhanced performance and efficiency.

  • Noise Reduction

    When it comes to glazed doors - the thicker the glass the better the sound proofing. Aluminium doors are capable of supporting far heavier glazing than uPVC or timber. This means they are perfect if you suffer from serious noise pollution.

  • Weather Resistance

    Aluminium doors are extremely weatherproof, boasting the highest ratings of water tightness and wind resistance. The coatings we apply to our doors also provide strong resistance to moisture, chemicals and UV damage.

Why choose a Smart aluminium door?

We take great care and enormous pride in providing you with products of the highest quality and performance standards.

High Performance & Efficiency

Our doors have excellent thermal efficiency and are capable of significantly reducing any unwanted noise. Extremely weatherproof, boasting the highest ratings of water tightness and the ability to withstand extreme winds they also have a strong resistance to moisture, chemicals and UV damage.

Outstanding Security

You’re in safe hands with Smart. We have worked with the industry’s leading security specialists to create a range of front doors that exceed all industry standards. Our doors are approved by the police and have achieved the highest ratings from PAS24:2016 BSI Kitemark and Sold Secure.

Colour That Lasts

At Smart we are committed to the highest standards of product quality and workmanship. Our powder coating finish leaves an incredibly strong and durable coating meaning our doors have a reduced risk to chipping, scratching and abrasions. So your door will look as new as the day you bought it for years to come.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Enjoy your home without the worry of time consuming and complicated maintenance. When it comes to cleaning, our aluminium doors are very easy to look after and require almost no maintenance. Wiping your door and frame with fresh water and a light detergent once a month will help to prevent the build up of dirt.

The 'Greenest' Front Door

Often called the ‘green’ metal, aluminium is 100% recyclable. All of our aluminium billet is responsibly sourced from 2 of the world's leading suppliers. Our powder coating contains no solvents and releases almost zero VOCs. 98% of excess powder from our powder coating process is recycled and reused.