Your Signature Door Security

Our locks fully comply with the requirements of the industry’s security standard, PAS24, with a choice of three different options available for you to choose from.

Your home’s security is Guaranteed

We are so confident in our 3* cylinders that they are backed by a £4,000 guarantee. This means that if your home gets broken into via one of our 3* cylinders, in the event that an insurance company won’t pay out, we are offering a guarantee of up to £4,000 to cover the cost of any stolen goods.

Our 3* Kitemarked Euro Cylinder

For extra security, we provide every Signature Door with 3 star cylinders as standard:-

  • Anti-Snap

    Even if the lock is snapped, an intruder can’t gain access to the lock’s inner workings.

  • Anti-Bump

    ‘Bumping’ is a process of making the pins jump above the shear line, anti-bump prevents this.

  • Anti-Pick

    The locks are made in such a way that they are almost impossible to pick.

  • Anti-Drill

    Hardened steel anti-drill pins are located at each side of the cylinder.

Make It Yours

  • Two Hook Multipoint

    Our standard twin hook locks provide high security, with the hooks securing the door to the frame.

  • Slam Lock

    As the name suggests, the door locks as soon as it is shut. Turning a key in the lock then engages the deadlock and a key is used to re-open the door.

  • Two Hook, Four Deadbolt

    A premium lock is available which adds four deadbolts to the two hook look.

Download the signature doors brochure

Please follow the link below to download a copy of the Signature Door brochure.